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12,23 EUR*
Details Rheostat, 50 Watt, 10 Ohm, Keramik, verstellbarer Widerstand

Keramischen Scheibe Variable Widerstand Rheostat 10 Ohm 50W Watt de - Produkt Name : Rheostat;Material : Keramik, Metall;Farbe : Als Bild zeigen - Nennleistung : 50 W;Widerstandswert : 10 Ω;Körper Höhe : 37mm/ 1.4 - Montierte Loch Dia : 4mm/ 0.157 ...

298,88 EUR*
Details Singer 71644 Accessoire Überwendlich-Nähmaschine

Maschinenart: Mechanische Leistung (W): 85 Freiarm: ja Rheostat: ja

15,67 EUR*
Details sourcingmap® Single Turn 100W 200 Ohm Karamik Lautstärkeregler Potentiometer Widerstand de

Specification: Produktname Rheostat Material Keramik, Metall Farbe Als Bild angezeigt Nennleistung 100 W Widerstandswert 200 Ω Montierte Loch Durchmesser 9.5mm/ 0.37" Untere Schraubendurchmesser 2.5mm/ 0.1" Unteren Durchmesser 72mm/ 2.8" Stiel-Größe ...

11,62 EUR*
Details C-förmigem Keramik 25 W 30 Ohm Variable Draht Wunde Widerstand

C-Keramik form 25W 30ohm Variable Drahtwiderstand de - Produkt Name : Widerstand Rheostat;Material : Keramik, Metall, Harz;Farbe : Als Bild zeigen - Nennleistung : 25W;Widerstandswert : 30 Ω;Körper Höhe : 2.3cm/0.9 - Thread Durchmesser : 9mm/0.35 ...

50,27 EUR*
Details The Works Rust, Lime & Calcium Remover by Rust, Lime & Calcium Remover


75,78 EUR*
Details Sorbo Hard Water Residue Remover by Sorbo

Removes water stains and water deposits, Removes adhesive, Removes alkaline film, Removes paint smears, Safe for glass, windows, windshields and lamps

52,12 EUR*
Details Whink 26oz Iron/rust Remover 5221 Stain And Spot Remover by Whink

Size: 10 oz, #1 pure liquid Rust Stain Remover since 1947, Safe on pipes and septic systems, This convenient liquid formula quickly & easily removes rust stains from white sinks & white toilet bowls as well as colorfast fabrics & carpets, Read ...

41,10 EUR*
Details Urnex Dezcal Activated Scale Remover by Urnex Descal Activated Scale Remover

dezcaltm Activated Scale Remover ist speziell entwickelt, um effektiv Wisch-wasser und Komponenten von Kaffee und Espresso-Maschinen. Indem Mineraldepot, die verstopfen und beeinträchtigen Brewing Ausrüstung, dezcaltm können Maschinen auf einem ...

8,84 EUR*
Details Lift Off Acrylic Paint Remover-4.5 Ounces

MOTSENBACHER-Lift Off: Acrylic Paint Remover. This amazing paint remover will remove acrylic paints (either fresh or dry) from a variety of surfaces. Use it to clean brushes and tools; or to remove paint from baked-on painted surfaces; ceramic ...

56,11 EUR*
Details Magic Lint Remover 2pc.set by TVTimedirect

Travel lint remover, Household lint remover

10,99 EUR*
Details Sempera (TM) Fu? harte Haut-Remover Bein-Haar-Remover-Rasierapparat Neu

Effektiv Fu? Schwielen und Verh?rtungen der Haut zu entfernen. Bein-Haar-Rasierapparat Material: Kunststoff L?nge: 9cm Breite des Blattes: 3.45cm Farbe: als Bild gezeigt Paket: 1 x Fu? harter Haut-Remover Razor

6,03 EUR*
Details Harpic 100% Limescale Remover Original 750ml

Harpic 100% Limescale Remover Original 5x better than bleach* - Dissolves limescale better than bleach - Removes stains - Kills all germs - Maximum bowl coverage Did you know that bleach only whitens limescale but cannot remove it? Harpic 100% ...

214,08 EUR*
Details Clorox - Tilex Mildew Remover, Removes Mold/Mildew, 32 oz, 9/CT, Sold as 1 Carton, COX35600CT

Applicable_Material - Grout;Application - Toilets;Capacity_Volume - 32.000 oz;Chemical_Compound - Bleach

6,04 EUR*
Details Kiss-Off Stain Remover-.7oz

GENERAL PENCIL-Stain Remover. Unique stick formula removes stains on-the-spot! Removes: wet and dry paints, grease, make-up, blood, lipstick, baby spots, coffee, red wine, grass stains, pet stains, grass stains and more from: clothing, quilts/fabric ...

9,98 EUR*
Details Lift Off Crayon, Candle & Wax Remover-4.5oz

MOTSENBACHER-Lift Off: Crayon Candle and Wax Remover. This amazing wax remover will remove crayons, candles, wax, chewing gum, lipstick, surfboard wax, shoe polish, motor oil, chapstick, glue stick, grease, tar, makeup, cosmetics, encaustic wax ...

14,97 EUR*
Details TECH ENTERPRISES, INC. - Stain Remover, 18-oz.

18 OZ, Tech Stain Remover, Trigger Spray, Safely Removes Blood, Wine & Other Stubborn Stains From All Washable Fabrics.

7,29 EUR*
Details Kiss Off Stain Remover 1/Pkg-.7oz

GENERAL PENCIL-Stain Remover. Unique stick formula removes stains on-the-spot! Removes: wet and dry paints, grease, make-up, blood, lipstick, baby spots, coffee, red wine, grass stains, pet stains, grass stains and more from: clothing, quilts/fabric ...

5,49 EUR*
Details Wizz Oxi Ultra Stain Remover Powder 1Kg

Kills 99.9% bacteria Eco wash cycles 30°C wash Removes stubborn stains With active oxygen Oxi ultra plus fabric stain remover

8,49 EUR*
Details HOMAX PRODUCTS - Homax Furniture White Ring Remover.

Homax Furniture White Ring Remover. Removes White Rings, Heat & Water Stains From Furniture Without Removing Finish, This Specially Treated Cloth Is Packaged In A Resealable Bag. It Also Removes Felt Pen Marks Or Magic Marker Marks, Excellent For Cleaning

17,90 EUR*
Details SUNNYSIDE CORPORATION - Ready Strip 32-oz. After Wash Remover

Ready Strip, 32 OZ Paint Overspray & Spatters Remover, Water Based, Non-Flammable, Contains No Methylene Chloride, Gently Removes The Residue & Softened Layers Sometimes Remaining After Paint Or Varnish Removal, Safely Removes Dried Latex Paint Spatters &

3,64 EUR*
Details Stainless Steel Fish Scale Remover Scraper Kitchen Gadget Tools Fish Scaler Scale Remover by ToLuLu

Made of Quality Durable Sturdy Stainless Steel Blade.;Helps to remove the scaling of nearly all species of fish easily and efficiently.;Ideal size to fit your hand comfortably for ease of maneuvering.;Dimension:19.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm

86,65 EUR*
Details 1G Multi Strip Remover - Single Gallon by Sunnyside Corporation

Gallon, multi-strip is a unique environmentally safe paint Remover designed to remove up to 15 layers of paint & varnish, it is biodegradable;Adds Extra shine to your product;Manufactured in China;Heavy duty, environmentally safe paint remover ...

24,70 EUR*
Details Limescale Remover - 500ml

Specifically engineered to remove crusty limescale and calcium deposits found on taps, tiles and sinks: beat limescale with Ecover Limescale Remover. Its foaming action sticks to vertical surfaces so you can get the shower screen sparkling.

76,00 EUR*
Details Shout Stain And Odor Remover For Pets 32oz-

Shout Pets-Shout Stain And Odor Remover For Pets. This remover penetrates deep into the fabric's subsurface and harnesses the power of oxygen to lift and destroy any stain or odor. This package contains one 32oz spray bottle of stain and odor remover ...

16,68 EUR*
Details WD40 Co 009716 Spot Shot Stain Remover-SPOT SHOT STAIN REMOVER

22 OZ, Spot Shot Trigger Instant Carpet Stain & Odor Eliminator, Non-Aerosol, Non-Toxic, Certified Biodegradable By Scientific Certification Systems, Environmentally Friendly, Safe Around Children & Pets, Contains Special Formula To Eliminate New & Old St

56,13 EUR*
Details Grandma's Secret Spot Remover 2 oz. NEW by Cleaning

GRANDMA'S SECRET SPOT REMOVER 2 ounce Bottle Stain remover for all types of clothing, upholstery and carpet Just a drop is all it takes to remove oil, grease, paint, make-up, grass, ink, blood, baby formula and many more Apply small amount to stain ...

24,26 EUR*
Details MicrobeLift Ammonia remover 1 L

Deze Ammonia remover van Microbe-Lift neutraliseert het giftige ammonia, chloramine en chloor. Ammonia remover geeft de nitrificerende bacteriën de tijd om te vermeerderen en te herstellen wanneer het biologische filter is aangetast. Het voorkomt ...

46,42 EUR*
Details Button Shank Remover-

BLUMENTHAL LANSING-Button Shank Remover. This handy tool is great for cutting the shanks off buttons to create a smooth back for use in scrapbooking, craft projects, jewelry-making, card making and more! This package contains one Button Shank Remover ...

23,37 EUR*
Details Ecoleaf | Stain Remover | 6 x 500G

Ecoleaf | Stain Remover | 6 x 500G - This product is: Vegan

17,40 EUR*
Details TILO Remover 1 L, 1 Stück,Z1003

Parkettreiniger Remover Tilo. Dieser Grunreiniger wird vor einer Politur aufgetragen.

265,93 EUR*
Details Laser - 4015 Kugelgelenk Remover Installer - BMW

Hydraulische Installer und Remover für Kugelgelenke auf BMW E36 3-Serie

21,29 EUR*
Details Speedball : DIAZO Photo Emulsion Remover : 32oz

Speedball : DIAZO Photo Emulsion Remover : 32oz